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Siegmund tables are utilized in the custom design department for low volume and special series production, as well as for prototypes.

Illustrations show production of shopsystem elements "Basixx", e.g. stands and leg elements. Later on they are configured to build store fixtures.
Since 1946 Turun Teräskaluste Oy (TUTEKA) has been designing and executing demanding manufacturing projects for maritime industry and on land constructions. For three generations the company has aimed at exceeding their customers’ expectations on every project.

Efficient and precise production of high-quality custom interiors for cruise liners requires a great deal of expertise and in-depth experience. The photos depict production of cruise ship design furnishings.

With Siegmund welding tables even very demanding objects can be constructed quickly and accurately. “The Siegmund welding tables are an integral part of our design and manufacturing process. They make working with even the most difficult shapes easier, faster and more accurate.” - Aleksi Kiviniemi, M.Sc. (Eng.), CEO Turun Teräskaluste Oy (TUTEKA)
S-Faber from Hungary specializes in the production of unique shop furnishing. Various materials such as metals, painted and chromed elements and stainless steel are processed.

The pictures show the production of a display shelf. Shape and size of the work pieces are often unusual, so the Siegmund modular system offers a quickly convertible and flexible working surface.
The Kunst Block Balve, opened 2019 by Frank Balve, is a meeting place for people with an interest in contemporary art and culture. Art exhibitions, music events and performances take place in a former storage room. The workshop of Kunst Block Balve also provides space for artist seminars.

A welding table system 28 by Siegmund can be found in this workshop as well. Artists get the chance to let their creativity run free using the table. Thanks to the flexible application possibilities of the Siegmund modular system, the welding table meets the various requirements. The pictures show the production of security grids, that are used for internal events.
After several years of work experience in various companies, Juan Pablo Casemajor decided to start his personal adventure as a freelancing welder. His core competence lies in special orders and customized projects.

On the pictures you can the assembly of custom-made furniture and shelves. In combination with Siegmund accessories and large squares, the work surface can be easily adapted to all requirements.

Before switching to Siegmund welding tables, Juan Pablo spent a lot of time checking parallelism and right angles. Now, he does not only save time, but also improves the quality of the production.
Our customer enPieza from Madrid produces limited series as well as unique pieces. With skilled craftsmanship and an eye for detail, unique furniture, lighting and decorative elements are created.

In our practical example, we show insights into the in-house workshop.
You can see the production of shelves with wooden modules.

Thanks to the Siegmund modular system, the work surface can be quickly adapted to the needed requirements with different stops and squares during production.


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