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We take responsibility

As a family business our main concern is taking responsibility for the welfare of our staff. By taking measures like creating an appropriate infrastructure, as well as a diverse selection of training opportunities, we are investing in the framework of our own success. Especially the consistent designation of trainee positions for young people is very dear to us.

Closely linked to climate- and environmental protection is the issue of energy. We have been making an active contribution by utilizing energy more efficiently within our facilities to reduce emissions. As a result we have decided to use a hardening process that is strictly based on the application of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, the main ingredients of air and water. In addition our warehouses and buildings are heated by thermal discharge.

At our headquarters in Oberottmarshausen we use one of the cleanest sources of energy altogether: the immeasurable energy of the sun. Our photovoltaic installation generates more energy than we consume. It is not just the climate and the environment that benefit from our commitment. When we pay attention to our energy footprint, we also have an economical advantage as well.