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Assembly instructions / User manual

Our assembly instructions support you step by step in setting up your Siegmund welding and clamping table system.
 Adapter for table connection
  • 16 Adapter for table connection
  • 22 Adapter for table connection
  • 28 Adapter for table connection
 Mobile lifting table
  • Mobile lifting table
  • Mobile lifting table Plate
 ST Box for welding tables
  • 28 Sub Table Box
  • 28 Basic Sub Table Box
  • 22 Sub Table Box
  • 16 Sub Table Box
  • 16 Basic Sub Table Box
 Siegmund Workstation
  • Siegmund Workstation 1/3
  • Siegmund Workstation 2/3
  • Siegmund Workstation 3/3
  • Module Caster
 Table Legs
  • Table Leg:
  • Table Leg:
  • Table Leg:
    Height adjustable
  • Table Leg:
    Floor anchoring
  • Ground Connection
  • Maintenance
  • Universal Angle Mechanical Clamping
  • Universal Stop
  • Fast Clamping Bolt
  • Flush Mount Bolt
  • Fast Clamping Bolt flat
  • Universal Bolt
  • Connecting Bolt
  • Professional Screw Clamp
  • Pipe Clamp Universal
  • Professional Fast Tension Clamp
  • Professional Screw Clamp 45°/90°
  • Basic Pipe Clamp 180°
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