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Rail System Standard


With our standard rail system, there is just one connecting frame with the same track width, regardless of the chosen table size.

The foundation rails with integrated round rail are made of high-quality steel S355J2+N and then plasma nitrided. This process not only gives the rails exceptional hardness and durability, but also reliably protects them against rust.

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Your advantages
uniform track width
can be delivered quickly as all items are in stock as standard
3 table sizes
Above-floor and underfloor installation possible
1 connecting frame
structured workspace with many clamping options
Hardened and rust-protected rails
combination of different table sizes possible on one rail structure

Product selection

    Foundation rail with round rail 2000 ‐ Plasma nitrided

    $ 1,501.00
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    Connecting Frame 650 SB 1800x900 with inserted Roller

    $ 3,364.00
    Stock item
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    Professional Extreme 8.7 table top 3000x1500x200 SB 1800x900

    $ 11,816.00
    Stock item
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    Leg with inserted roller 650 for Square U-shape 200x200

    $ 1,215.00
    Stock item
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    Square U-Shape 2000x200x200 SB 1800 Plasma nitrided

    $ 2,171.00
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Connecting Frame with inserted Roller
The Connecting Frame in combination with the table top can be randomly positioned on the foundation rails. By cross-linking several connecting frames and foundation rails, extremely large objects can be handled efficiently. The use of square pipes in the design of the Connecting Frame ensures stability and high quality.
effortless positioning on the rail
connection of table top and connection frame with 4x 280528
caster can be repositioned depending on the direction of movement
fastening to the rail with 2x 280511
Standard frame for table tops with track width 1800x900
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bild 1
bild 3
Leg with inserted roller for Square U-shape
Leg for U-shape square with inserted roller connects the square with the support and foundation rail with integrated round rail. Due to the caster the square can be moved freely on the rail system. The Leg with inserted roller is additionally equipped with tilt protection.
The desired work position can be achieved by fastening the Leg with bolts, enabling efficient structuring of complex work procedures.
Different sizes and styles
connection of U-Square and leg with inserted roller with 2x 280528
with tilt protection
fastening to the rail with 2x 280513
bild 2
bild 1
bild 3
bild rail system
Technical support from consultation to realization
You have a large project and need
support with implementation?
Individual consultation by our experts
Customer specific solutions
Top quality of each component
Installation-Service for your rail system
We look forward to help you
materialize your project!
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