Prototype Construction Utility Vehicles -
In Starachowice prototypes and "mock-ups" of busses are constructed and then shipped to Munich for stress tests. After successfully completing the testing phase, they can go into production.

To meet constantly changing demands, two different systems were installed. One system consists of a Siegmund support- and foundation rail above-floor, serving as a base for a setup of table tops and U-squares. The second system is a combination of a Siegmund round rail and a Siegmund support- and foundation rail, with four movable Siegmund tables on top.

Illustrations show production of a "mock-up" in the pre-installed device. It is equipped with a new generation of bus doors. They are manufactured on the second system.
The brothers Paul and Hansen Hoepner are looking for challenges on their adventurous journeys around the world. With their experiences they want to inspire and motivate other people.

For their newest project “Two in ice” they are building a self-developed multi-functional vehicle, to travel 4.000 kilometers through Alaska, powered only by pedals. To ensure that the vehicle withstands even under difficult weather conditions and provides protection, the individual assemblies are precisely clamped and welded on a Siegmund Workstation.

Prototype Construction Utility Vehicles

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