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Kuhn-Geldrop BV has been part of the international KUHN Group since February 2009, which sells agricultural machinery and vehicles. The location in Geldrop is responsible for the development and production of baling presses and bale winding machines.

In our practical example you see the production of a part for a hay press. In order to get the largest possible work surface, two Siegmund welding tables were connected, facilitating smooth and precise clamping and welding of long components.
The company Growi Maschinenbau is a well-known company in the field of development of wood splitters, agitators and hydraulic cylinders. Since the production of the heavy wood splitter requires very high accuracy, the individual parts are welded on S4 tables. The large number of S4 clamping devices makes it possible to fasten the workpieces very precisely and at the desired angle in order to achieve optimum welding results.
The machine building company from Augsburg produces welding machines which are conform to the high quality requests of the aeronautics industry as well as the food industry. Revolutionary for the industrial sector is the precision with which also thin-walled materials like titanium sheets can be welded. Furthermore the usage of the inert gas technology prevents inadmissible tempering colours referred to DVS 2713.

In order to raise the manufacturing effi ciency even more, the welding machines from Castro are equipped with system tables by Siegmund. The six axis of the robot grab at every point and form together with an axis of rotation a complete working platform for special production and series production of high quality components.

The versatile range of articles of Siegmund enables a perfect confi guration of individual welding cells as well as the equipment of automatic supply and removal of components. “Accuracy grade and variety of accessories were essential for our decision to take modules of the Swabian producer of clamping tables. So the costs at fi xture constructions can be reduced drastic”, said CEO Dipl-Ing. Udo Massari. Castro and Siegmund – a standard setting partnership.
Founded in 1992, Cooptech is today one of the leading mechanical engineering companies for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Hungary.

Multiple ISO certifications and a sophisticated internal quality management place high demands on the products. For this, Cooptech relies on the precision welding tables from Siegmund.

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