Machine tools and plant construction -
Facilitated by Siegmund tables, individual customer requirements to build complex machines, are fulfilled.

The sophisticated Siegmund system facilitates quick and flexible retrofitting of clamping devices, presenting a time-saving solution for low volume production or custom design.
Kiremko is the market leader of machinery for the potato processing industry. They deliver total solutions that add value for each customer. Kiremko focus on product development, continuous improvement, innovative and sustainable technology and cooperation. Future-oriented with respect for the team, the customers, the partners and the environment.

The pictures show the production of parts of a hydro cutter, a flavour drum and parts of other potato processing equipment.
1938 the family business Van de Klundert was founded. They manufacture products for the offshore industry, machine building, the environment and the food industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In an interview engineer Leon Hollemans tells us about the advantages of Siegmund welding tables: „We are able to operate more effective, faster and we deliver high quality products to our customers. With the amount of Siegmund accessories even complex tasks are done fast and precisely. The welding tables offer us so much flexibility. Thanks to the hardened and coated surface, the table has a durability of more than 20 years!”
For 35 years, KORAX has been producing equipment and machinery for food processing, especially for the meat processing industry. The product range includes conveyor belts and systems, cooking and smoking chambers, wastewater treating equipment and various cleaning systems. The subsidiary KORAX Solar was the first company in Hungary that started manufacturing solar panels 15 years ago and is now one of the biggest solar system manufacturers in Central Europe.

Structural steel materials and stainless steel are processed in their factory. In order to shorten assembly times and further improve the quality of the products, the workplaces have been equipped with several Siegmund tables. This example shows the assembly and welding of a food conveyor cart.
Dinnissen has been developing customized solutions and machines for process optimization in production lines since 1948. Due to their many years of experience, they are now the market leader for processing technology for pellets, powders and granules. The products are used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and animal feed production all over the world.

The series of pictures gives you an insight into the Dinnissen production facility. Around 50 workplaces are equipped with welding tables in order to be able to cope with the daily changing requirements. Our welding tables are also used in their own training workshop. During our visit, machine parts of a mixing system were being manufactured.
Our customer Moba is the world‘s leading manufacturer of egg grading, packaging and processing machinery. All steps from development to production and sales to service in the company are covered. Since it was founded in 1947, Moba has continued to expand its success and now employs around 800 people in branches around the world.

We were visiting the head office in Barneveld. The pictures show parts of a piping system that is used in egg grading machines. In addition to Siegmund welding tables and lifting tables, Moba also uses modular Siegmund U-squares in robotic welding cells.

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