If you have large components requiring seamless and flat clamping, platform systems assembled with sheets or tables are an obvious solution already realized by many customers. The quantity of follow-up orders for these systems reveal how well these solutions work in the field. Your great benefit in the end is to produce large components accurately and quickly.
The metalworking shop Moosbrugger GmbH, a family run company since 1995, manufactures a variety of assemblies for steel and crane construction as well as various locksmith work. Moosbrugger GmbH relies on the flexibility and high quality of Siegmund welding tables for these numerous projects. In this practical example, you see the production of a raised garden bed. In this project, special emphasis is placed on the durability of the materials used and the accuracy of production. The Siegmund welding table provides the perfect working basis for these requirements. By using high squares, the individual parts can be mounted quickly and flexibly on the Professional Extreme welding table and welded with great accuracy.
Illustrations show production of a special container, serving as a collection tank for bore fluids. It is used in civil engineering to drill holes for foundation posts. The accumulated bore fluid is collected in it and cleaned. To stabilize the borehole, the bore fluid is pumped back afterward. By using Siegmund tables no templates or devices have to be produced, reducing low volume production time by 20–25%. The container weighs 6.4 tons and is 10 m wide, approx. 2.5 m deep and 2.5 m high.
365 days a year and 24 hours a day the professional fire department Innsbruck with 22 men and a readiness officer are at work. In order to have everything handy in emergency situations, the fire department is equipping its fleet with individual compartments and fasteners and also makes repairs or carries out maintenance work. The Professional Extreme welding table with diagonal grid provides a flexible work surface on which a variety of operations and repairs can be implemented quickly and with high accuracy.

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