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„Here’s where the Champions shine!“

Following this slogan, the WorldSkills, the world championship of professions took place from the 02.07. - 07.07.2013 in Leipzig. Young specialists and trainees up to 22 years from all over the world, all winners of regional and national competitions, fought for the world championship title.

The WorldSkills competitions are held every 2 years. At the 42. World cup, which took place in Leipzig for the fi rst time, over 1.000 participants from round about 60 nations in 46 disciplines lined up. Every country was allowed only one adolescent per profession.

Bernd Siegmund GmbH provided 14 of their professional tables with suiting accessories for the discipline „Construction Metal Work“. „It should be the duty of every company to motivate young people in their career advancement“, Bernd Siegmund says. Due to the high quality of the welding tables’ surface, material and functionality, they are predestinated for demanding works, like at this championship.
The family business Simeoni Metallbau has been manufacturing high-quality metal construction solutions and individual residential properties for property developers, builders and architects since 1998. The Siegmund welding and clamping table systems provides a solid, reliable and accurate working material for Simeoni's wide range of products.

In the pictures you can see the production of a frame for a balcony railing. All parts are clamped, tacked and then welded on a Professional Extreme welding table with clamps and squares. The clever system provided by Siegmund enables quick and flexible retooling of the jig and is a time-saving solution for individual custom-made products as well as for series production.
Since the company’s founding in 1990 the enterprise grew constantly. The success is based on highly-motivated specialists and an absolute orientation on the customer. Today, “Metallbau Peinert” with its 50 employees offers the whole range of modern sheet and pipe treatment. Lasing, welding, drilling, blanking, edging, cutting and bending. Highly precise and complex components are produced and assembled with modern clamping-systems.

We are always looking for possibilities to raise the quality of our production. If you are even able to increase the efficiency, you gain an invaluable advantage in the high-income country Germany. 10 years ago, Peinert decided to equip the whole production with Siegmund tables. Crucial were the high class and precise treatment, the fast availability of single components, the huge amount of accessories and the seemingly neverending combination possibilities. Since then, the “Siegmund-fleet” grew annually. Whether it’s small series or fixture construction, you are able to save enormous amounts of time with Siegmund parts. “The accuracy grade of Siegmund tables enables us to work with the highest precision. And that’s what our customers are demanding,” says the production manager.
The Romanian company Norwest manufactures customized sheet metal and pipe constructions made of different metals. In order to manufacture the various products efficiently and precisely, Norwest relies on the welding and clamping table systems from Siegmund.

In the pictures you get an insight into the production plant of Norwest. The product range extends from piping to metal constructions for production and storage halls up to staircase constructions.
Fastening, cutting, sanding, welding, measuring - in the sophisticated balustrade construction industry it is hard to imagine working without modern clamping systems.

Balustrade builders are supported by Siegmund welding tables even during difficult rail design processes. Supported by appropriate bending devices there are almost no limitations to creativity. Siegmund clamping devices open up the third dimension precisely and efficiently.
From stairs, carports and patio enclosures, up to special constructions – the wide product range of MA Metal Construction in Dieburg, Germany, requires solid, reliable and precise work material.

We got the chance to see how a conveyor system for meat products was constructed on a Professional Extreme 8.7 welding table. Just the welding work took about 35 hours.
As an expert metal construction company Kuenzle Metallbau AG is manufacturing various 
products around building for architects, building contractors and private individuals. Perfect planning and optimally equipped workspaces provide the basis for high flexibility and accuracy. With craftsmanship high 
quality products are being produced on Siegmund welding tables.

Our example shows the production of a balcony rail with profile for a 
glass wall. To work as efficiently and quickly as possible, stops and angles are fastened as a mounting frame on a Professional Extreme welding 
table matching to the size of the railing. Thus, the individual parts can be clamped and welded together by a few simple steps in a matter of seconds.
As the German market leader for agricultural tippers, Krampe has been building trailers for over thirty years in Coesfeld, Westphalia. Krampe is specialized in the development and construction of tailor-made transport solutions for agriculture and forestry, the construction industry, waste management companies as well as municipalities.

In the pictures you can see the manufacturing of an aluminum tailgate for a semitrailer roll-belt wagon with a shield for unloading. The components are tacked and welded on Professional Extreme 8.7 Welding Tables.
Since 1995, Jordi Schlosserei-Metallbau AG has been creating, planning and designing various elements needed for home construction. To accomplish this, metal is combined and processed with other materials. The Siegmund welding table offers an excellent basis for these various fields of activity.
In our practical example you will see the production of a balcony for an apartment house. In order to be able to work as fast and effective as possible, the individual components of the railing are fastened on the welding table with stops and clamps and welded together.
Since 2008, the one-man operation of Heinz Duwe is specialized in the production of small parts and small series of various steels and metals. In his workshop locksmith and welding master Duwe has been relying on the quality of Siegmund for many years. Due to the flexible welding and clamping table system the table can be adapted to different requirements with just a few steps and easily converted or extended anytime with squares.

You see the production of a shelf construction as well as a custom-built model of an additional luggage compartment for a pick-up.
Getzner Textil, founded in 1818, is the leading manufacturer of high-quality African apparel damasks and is among the leading providers of fashion fabrics for shirts. Corporate fashion as well as technical fabrics round off the innovative product range. The innovative employes at Getzner Textil AG are one of the main reasons the company is able to maintain and expand its cutting edge in many business and product areas both from a strategic, as well as an operational perspective, even though things are constantly changing. In order to be able to adapt and expand areas in production quickly and independently, Getzner relies on the welding and clamping systems from Siegmund. You can see the production of a collision protection for a high-voltage cable as well as the production of a special table for dosing systems. After a welding process of approx. 9 to 10 hours, the special table is turned over and the containers (3x 1000 liter) for the textile production are attached.
The medium-sized company GLB deals with the production of spare parts, equipment and special machines in individual and series production. In order to cope with different requirements, the company counts on the reliability of the Siegmund welding tables and the versatile table accessories.

The practical example shows the production of a chain conveyor for a gas cylinder guide system. The individual parts of the approximately 70 m long facility, have been produced on Siegmund welding tables and then assembled at the customer‘s place. The fixation of the individual pieces with the Siegmund screw clamps prevents any distortion and ensures a precise welding result.
For more than 25 years Bax Metaal in the Netherlands have demonstrated their know-how, quality and reliability in the manufacture of their custom made sheet metal fabrications and pipe construction in materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Each project is developed in partnership with the customer using Siegmund 3D models for an accurate design of the tooling and a reduction in the fabrication time for the welded assembly. Following precise planning and close liaison with the customer Bax Metaal will be confident that the Siegmund system provides the maximum efficiency and precision. Projects will be implemented with high accuracy and the short change-over times offer an effective and economical solution for every project.
Symmetrica Tech is established in the areas metalworking and industrial facilities. As a subsidiary company of the Romanian manufacturer of paving stones, Symmetrica, they are active in metal constructions and the production of automated production lines for prefabricated concrete buildings.

Due to the high precision and stability of the Siegmund welding tables constructions can also be clamped and welded precisely on a long-distanced setting. On the pictures you can see the production of a gearbox.
Ferr-váz from Hungary manufactures complete solutions and custom-made sheet metal constructions for metal working.

The versatility of the orders requires quickly adaptable and expandable workspaces. Combining Siegmund welding tables with the large stop and clamping squares, big components can also be clamped and welded precisely. On the pictures you can see the fabrication of a power supply container for railway vehicles. The manufacturing of this product requires certification level CL1 EN 15085.
The Váradi Metal Kft. Group from Hungary employs around 110 people and produces high-quality metal products at 3 locations. The wide offer ranges from edge bending, stamping, welding to painting and powder coating.

To meet the individual requirements of the customers, Váradi Metal Kft.manufactures on Siegmund welding tables System 16 and 28. While System 16 is designed for light and filigree work, System 28 is best suitable for heavy and solid components.

On the pictures you can see employees of Váradi Metal Kft. manufacturing a cabinet and design furniture elements.
The locksmith's shop Mathe, existing since 1978, is already family-run in the second generation. The company near Salzburg is specialized in the field of construction and locksmithery and offers its customers individual customized solutions.

The pictures show the production of a balcony railing as part of restoration measures on several residential buildings. A total of 2,100 meters of balcony railing has been produced within 1.5 years. The clamped railing is welded precisely on a Siegmund welding table system 22.
Locksmith's shop Wenger has a history of 130 years of solid metalwork. At the beginning the third- generation family business was mostly specialized in the production of wire mesh fences. Today Wenger offers a wide range of services like locksmith and gantry construction, stainless steel and metal processing as well as traditional forging work.

The pictures show the production of a railing. The Siegmund welding table system 22 in combination with high squares provides stability and precision while welding even for vertically clamped workpieces.
De Castelli from Italy has many years of experience in the field of metal construction. High craftsmanship and advanced technologies create unique designs in architectural projects as well as in interior and exterior furnishing.

The photos show the production of a custom-made product for the garden and landscape area on a System 28 welding table.
For 45 years now the French company CHAUVET is specialized in locksmith work as well as metal and steel structures. Every day more than 40 employees put customer requests into practice.

In order to manufacture superstructures in all dimensions, the company decided on a rail system from Siegmund. The support and foundation rails were installed above ground. Among other things, large-area welding assemblies, doors or glass canopies are produced in single and series production. Thanks to the rail system, the individual production steps can be implemented quickly and precisely.
Christoph Schroer, owner of CS Edelstahl, has fulfilled his long-cherished wish and turned his hobby into a profession. The range of services offered by the one-man business mainly includes custom-made products such as decorative elements, brackets and furniture up to prototypes. In our example we give some insights into the workshop. Schroer has been relying on the quality of Siegmund products since 2014.

The system 16 welding table shown has been in daily use since then and enables fast and precise work. For owner Schroer, however, the welding table is more than just a working basis: “Since I am always alone in the workshop, the table often is a helping hand to me. With it I can implement projects that would otherwise not be possible at all or only with great effort.”

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