Measurement technology -
Senswork creates ready to use solutions in the fields of industrial picture processing, automatic inspection, deep learning and optical testing technology. The systems for automation and quality assurance are used daily in numerous industries such as automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

Since 2011 senswork has been developing optical measurement technology for industrial manufacturing such as 3D inspection, completeness control or label inspection. For the new 3D scanning system ZScan, senswork relies on a clamping table from Siegmund. This ensures that the test object can be clamped safely and precisely.

Measurement technology

  • Templates
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • High-Pressure Plants
  • Metal Construction
  • Steel Construction
  • Engineering Construction
  • Heating Technology
  • Motorcycle engineering
  • Fireplace Fronts
  • Machine tools and plant construction
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Bulk material technology
  • Steel Construction / Engineering
  • Stainless Steel Processing
  • Cupboard Systems
  • Prototype Construction Utility Vehicles
  • Bridge Construction
  • Rollercoaster
  • Custom Design
  • Shipbuilding
  • Sheet metall processing
  • Automotive/Prototypes
  • Lighting technology
  • Automation, Hoisting and Conveying Engineering
  • Locomotive Construction
  • Hoisting and Conveying Engineering
  • Train Construction
  • Metal construction and sheet metal processing
  • Robotic technology
  • Interior
  • Motorcycle technology
  • Revolving door systems
  • Woodworking
  • Welding technology
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Vehicle construction
  • Textile production
  • Agricultural machines
  • Electrical engineering
  • Waste management
  • Stage technology
  • Metal construction technology
  • Measurement technology
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