Siegmund in action
Our customer Moba is the world‘s leading manufacturer of egg grading, packaging and processing machinery. All steps from development to production and sales to service in the company are covered. Since it was founded in 1947, Moba has continued to expand its success and now employs around 800 people in branches around the world.

We were visiting the head office in Barneveld. The pictures show parts of a piping system that is used in egg grading machines. In addition to Siegmund welding tables and lifting tables, Moba also uses modular Siegmund U-squares in robotic welding cells.
Dinnissen has been developing customized solutions and machines for process optimization in production lines since 1948. Due to their many years of experience, they are now the market leader for processing technology for pellets, powders and granules. The products are used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and animal feed production all over the world.

The series of pictures gives you an insight into the Dinnissen production facility. Around 50 workplaces are equipped with welding tables in order to be able to cope with the daily changing requirements. Our welding tables are also used in their own training workshop. During our visit, machine parts of a mixing system were being manufactured.
Benoît Boulian owner and fabricator of Built By Boulian is passionate about metal, wood and motorcycles. He likes to combine different materials and create unique pieces of furniture entirely according to his customers‘ wishes. The photos show the production of a motorcycle frame on a Mobile lifting Table from Siegmund.

The young swiss entrepreneur is enthusiastic about the possibility of moving the Mobile lifting table flexibly around the workshop and working at different heights. Boulian appreciates the large selection of different clamping tools, the high quality and durability of Siegmund products.
For 35 years, KORAX has been producing equipment and machinery for food processing, especially for the meat processing industry. The product range includes conveyor belts and systems, cooking and smoking chambers, wastewater treating equipment and various cleaning systems. The subsidiary KORAX Solar was the first company in Hungary that started manufacturing solar panels 15 years ago and is now one of the biggest solar system manufacturers in Central Europe.

Structural steel materials and stainless steel are processed in their factory. In order to shorten assembly times and further improve the quality of the products, the workplaces have been equipped with several Siegmund tables. This example shows the assembly and welding of a food conveyor cart.
Senswork creates ready to use solutions in the fields of industrial picture processing, automatic inspection, deep learning and optical testing technology. The systems for automation and quality assurance are used daily in numerous industries such as automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

Since 2011 senswork has been developing optical measurement technology for industrial manufacturing such as 3D inspection, completeness control or label inspection. For the new 3D scanning system ZScan, senswork relies on a clamping table from Siegmund. This ensures that the test object can be clamped safely and precisely.
Christoph Schroer, owner of CS Edelstahl, has fulfilled his long-cherished wish and turned his hobby into a profession. The range of services offered by the one-man business mainly includes custom-made products such as decorative elements, brackets and furniture up to prototypes. In our example we give some insights into the workshop. Schroer has been relying on the quality of Siegmund products since 2014.

The system 16 welding table shown has been in daily use since then and enables fast and precise work. For owner Schroer, however, the welding table is more than just a working basis: “Since I am always alone in the workshop, the table often is a helping hand to me. With it I can implement projects that would otherwise not be possible at all or only with great effort.”
The Robert-Bosch-School imparts theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of electrical, vehicle, information and metal technology. True to the motto “learning by doing”, the students gain important experience for their later professional life.

In the metal construction technology's own welding workshop, the students can put what they have learned theoretically into practice in their own work pieces on a Siegmund System 16 welding table.
INOX Ajanović, founded in 2000, the industry leader of stainless steel processing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, produces industrial equipment, products for indoor and outdoor as well as yacht parts for a wide variety of industries.

The company works on around 50 Siegmund welding tables in various sizes and systems every day. In the series of pictures we show the production of a table frame. Managing director Mujkanović of INOX Ajanović about Siegmund: „Since we produce a wide variety of products every day, our table setup changes constantly. Siegmund products are versatile enough to meet those changes fast and effortlessly. With Siegmund tools and tables, we can reproduce the same result every time, which makes serial production faster and more precise.“
After 15 years in metal business, David Roy fulfilled his dream and founded his own company in 2014. In his workshop in Épila, unique custom-made products are crafted by hand for indoor and outdoor use.

You can see the production of a flowerpot holder on a Siegmund welding table System 16 in connection with aluminum profiles. Due to the light weight of aluminum profiles, a stable assembly frame is created in a very short time, which can easily be assembled by hand.
The story of Red Beard’s Garage began in 2015 when founder Greg repaired his daughter’s go-kart in his garage. To help other people with related problems, he films himself at work and provides the videos online. Today the team of Red Beard’s Garage, consisting of several members, produces all kinds of karts and off-road vehicles and runs a successful YouTube channel.

To handle the huge challenges in vehicle construction, the team realizes almost all work steps on a Siegmund welding table and the Siegmund Workstation.
Boiler Tecnix specializes in the production of stainless steel tanks and machines with different surfaces. The portfolio also includes funnels, pipes and customer-specific machines. The products come in a wide variety of industries, such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy and much more.

In this practical example, we show insights into the Boiler Tecnix production facility. You can see the production of different structures for the food industry.
For 45 years now the French company CHAUVET is specialized in locksmith work as well as metal and steel structures. Every day more than 40 employees put customer requests into practice.

In order to manufacture superstructures in all dimensions, the company decided on a rail system from Siegmund. The support and foundation rails were installed above ground. Among other things, large-area welding assemblies, doors or glass canopies are produced in single and series production. Thanks to the rail system, the individual production steps can be implemented quickly and precisely.
1938 the family business Van de Klundert was founded. They manufacture products for the offshore industry, machine building, the environment and the food industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In an interview engineer Leon Hollemans tells us about the advantages of Siegmund welding tables: „We are able to operate more effective, faster and we deliver high quality products to our customers. With the amount of Siegmund accessories even complex tasks are done fast and precisely. The welding tables offer us so much flexibility. Thanks to the hardened and coated surface, the table has a durability of more than 20 years!”
At Pascualin in Spain, everything revolves around stage construction and that for more than 40 years now. 6 employees plan, implement and install from classic stages to impressive stage designs, all individually according to customer requirements.

During production, Pascualin attaches particular importance to efficiency and precision, which is why almost all production steps are carried out on Siegmund welding tables. To easily manufacture the large and complex components, several tables are connected with each other and various large squares are attached to the table as extensions.
Our customer enPieza from Madrid produces limited series as well as unique pieces. With skilled craftsmanship and an eye for detail, unique furniture, lighting and decorative elements are created.

In our practical example, we show insights into the in-house workshop.
You can see the production of shelves with wooden modules.

Thanks to the Siegmund modular system, the work surface can be quickly adapted to the needed requirements with different stops and squares during production.
The Geesinknorba group stands up for innovative and sustainable disposal solutions in the waste industry. This includes the production of waste collection vehicles, rear loaders and waste compression systems.

The pictures give insights into the production plant in Emmeloord. The modular use of the Siegmund U-squares in combination with the table legs creates a working place that enables the processing of the work piece from all sides.
After several years of work experience in various companies, Juan Pablo Casemajor decided to start his personal adventure as a freelancing welder. His core competence lies in special orders and customized projects.

On the pictures you can the assembly of custom-made furniture and shelves. In combination with Siegmund accessories and large squares, the work surface can be easily adapted to all requirements.

Before switching to Siegmund welding tables, Juan Pablo spent a lot of time checking parallelism and right angles. Now, he does not only save time, but also improves the quality of the production.
Werkhuizen Jacobs is mainly concerned with building special constructions for trucks. Meeting their customer’s specific expectations, the basic frame of the truck is adapted and strengthened.

The combination of several Siegmund welding tables creates an elongated assembly line on which a specially designed hydraulic press operates. To produce loading platforms, an exceptional U-square construction was developed. The combination with a manipulator enables 360° handling.

Joris Gillet, engineer and project manager tells us in the interview: „For our daily tasks, we need a lot of flexibility. Siegmund offers us high build quality with many clamping options.”
Founded in 1956, the family business runs in third generation. Blonkstaal is specialized in steel constructions, steel chairs, fences, flame-retardant doors and windows as well as joint constructions. Meeting their customer’s wishes, specialized constructions are also part of the daily business.

To fulfill all these requirements, every working place is equipped with a Siegmund welding table. Company leader Martijn Blonk: „Thanks to Siegmund welding tables we are able to work at right angles and perfectly even. The employees are able to produce frames and squares very quickly. As a result, we have saved a lot of time, but the most important thing for our company is: We improve our quality!”
For over 40 years now, A.P. Machinebouw builds products for the agricultural sector with main focus on irrigation systems, machines for earth-moving as well as seeding machines.

About 15 years ago the first work places have been equipped with Siegmund welding tables, which are still used up to this day. Now almost every work place at A.P. Machinebouw works with products from Siegmund. For example, their robot cells are using Siegmund U-squares as mounting base.

Michael Visser, owner of A.P.Machinebouw reveals: „Without Siegmund’s engineering skills we would have never gotten that far. With these products we are able to weld much faster and more precisely.”
IPROEB S.A., founded in Romania in 1977, specializes in the manufacture of electrical engineering products. The product range includes all sorts of cables, composite insulators and electrically insulating materials as well as different metal constructions.

The application shows the production of a metal frame, used for cable laying and cable installation in the automotive industry. The individual parts are clamped and welded on a welding table system 28.
The Kunst Block Balve, opened 2019 by Frank Balve, is a meeting place for people with an interest in contemporary art and culture. Art exhibitions, music events and performances take place in a former storage room. The workshop of Kunst Block Balve also provides space for artist seminars.

A welding table system 28 by Siegmund can be found in this workshop as well. Artists get the chance to let their creativity run free using the table. Thanks to the flexible application possibilities of the Siegmund modular system, the welding table meets the various requirements. The pictures show the production of security grids, that are used for internal events.
The brothers Paul and Hansen Hoepner are looking for challenges on their adventurous journeys around the world. With their experiences they want to inspire and motivate other people.

For their newest project “Two in ice” they are building a self-developed multi-functional vehicle, to travel 4.000 kilometers through Alaska, powered only by pedals. To ensure that the vehicle withstands even under difficult weather conditions and provides protection, the individual assemblies are precisely clamped and welded on a Siegmund Workstation.
De Castelli from Italy has many years of experience in the field of metal construction. High craftsmanship and advanced technologies create unique designs in architectural projects as well as in interior and exterior furnishing.

The photos show the production of a custom-made product for the garden and landscape area on a System 28 welding table.
„Living for agricultural technology” – Founded in 1871, the family-owned company Pöttinger specializes in agricultural machines for grassland, seed and soil. Headquartered in Austria, the company operates from 20 locations worldwide.

The pictures give an insight into the prototyping department of Pöttinger, where – among other things – base frames for trailers and agricultural machines are produced and tested. With only a few steps the base frame of the construction can be quickly and precisely clamped onto a Siegmund welding table system 28, to be welded with high accuracy.
Locksmith's shop Wenger has a history of 130 years of solid metalwork. At the beginning the third- generation family business was mostly specialized in the production of wire mesh fences. Today Wenger offers a wide range of services like locksmith and gantry construction, stainless steel and metal processing as well as traditional forging work.

The pictures show the production of a railing. The Siegmund welding table system 22 in combination with high squares provides stability and precision while welding even for vertically clamped workpieces.
Lasertechnik Laimer is known for reliability and precision in the sheet metal business. Laser cutting, welding, bending and surface coating are part of the huge service range of the company.

The pictures show the production of a steel frame on a Professional 750 welding table system 22. Squares and stops serve as templates and ensure a precise reproducibility of the steel frame.

The Siegmund Sub Table Box under the welding table provides an organized workspace. After finishing work, all tools can be stored in the drawers.
For more than 25 years, Scott Welding & Fabrication has been working in the industry of aquaculture, marine, fishing vessels and construction.
In addition to spare parts or extensions for shipping and fishery equipment, the company, based in Shetland, produces special bespoke machinery for fish farms. Welding and repairs as well as constructions for building projects are part of the repertoire of Scott Welding & Fabrication.

The example gives a broad insight into the Shetland workshop. You can see the production of a stainless steel ladder that is used on a pier, the foundation for deck equipment and a vessel frame for storing fish boxes as well as a pleasure boat console.
Rosenbauer is the world's leading manufacturer of fire-fighting technology production for fire defense and disaster control. The company develops and produces vehicles, extinguishing technics, equipment, telematics solutions as well as preventive fire protection systems. Their customers are professional, volunteer and also factory and plant fire departments. The company has been working with fire departments for more than 150 years now.

At their sites, products for the global market are manufactured and delivered. We were invited to watch the production of a vehicle frame on a Siegmund rail system at their headquarters in Leonding. The pictures also show the custom production of a carrier frame on a Siegmund welding table system 28.
The locksmith's shop Mathe, existing since 1978, is already family-run in the second generation. The company near Salzburg is specialized in the field of construction and locksmithery and offers its customers individual customized solutions.

The pictures show the production of a balcony railing as part of restoration measures on several residential buildings. A total of 2,100 meters of balcony railing has been produced within 1.5 years. The clamped railing is welded precisely on a Siegmund welding table system 22.
Lenzing Group produces botanical fibers at seven locations worldwide for the fashion, trade, industrial, cosmetics and hygiene sectors.

To be able to adapt and expand the production area independently, Lenzing works with the Siegmund modular system. On system 28 welding tables and the Siegmund Workstation individual projects from the maintenance and electrical departments are realized. You can see the production of a trolley made of stainless steel.
Schwarzmueller Group is one of Europe's largest full-range suppliers of trailed commercial vehicles. It is represented in 21 countries, mainly in Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe. The company develops, manufactures and offers premium vehicles for customized transport solutions with added value.

The series of pictures shows the production of an armature cabinet door on a System 28 welding table. The precise clamping of the components makes the work much easier and results in a lower error rate in production.
Kiremko is the market leader of machinery for the potato processing industry. They deliver total solutions that add value for each customer. Kiremko focus on product development, continuous improvement, innovative and sustainable technology and cooperation. Future-oriented with respect for the team, the customers, the partners and the environment.

The pictures show the production of parts of a hydro cutter, a flavour drum and parts of other potato processing equipment.
The Váradi Metal Kft. Group from Hungary employs around 110 people and produces high-quality metal products at 3 locations. The wide offer ranges from edge bending, stamping, welding to painting and powder coating.

To meet the individual requirements of the customers, Váradi Metal Kft.manufactures on Siegmund welding tables System 16 and 28. While System 16 is designed for light and filigree work, System 28 is best suitable for heavy and solid components.

On the pictures you can see employees of Váradi Metal Kft. manufacturing a cabinet and design furniture elements.
The agricultural business Stauderer is now run by the fourth generation. The family business operates agriculture and seed propagation with its own seed processing plant. On the Siegmund welding table all necessary repairs for the farm are done. Also constructions and components for the seed plant are manufactured on the table.

The pictures show the production of a ladder that leads to the safety platform of a seed reservoir. On the Siegmund welding table System 16 all individual components of the ladder can be mounted in a few simple steps and welded together precisely.
Founded in 1989, Földfém from Hungary develops and produces fittings and safety technology for environments with a high risk of fire and explosion. The fittings are used at gas stations or in the chemical industry.

The pictures show the production of a military oil drain tray.
S-Faber from Hungary specializes in the production of unique shop furnishing. Various materials such as metals, painted and chromed elements and stainless steel are processed.

The pictures show the production of a display shelf. Shape and size of the work pieces are often unusual, so the Siegmund modular system offers a quickly convertible and flexible working surface.
Ferr-váz from Hungary manufactures complete solutions and custom-made sheet metal constructions for metal working.

The versatility of the orders requires quickly adaptable and expandable workspaces. Combining Siegmund welding tables with the large stop and clamping squares, big components can also be clamped and welded precisely. On the pictures you can see the fabrication of a power supply container for railway vehicles. The manufacturing of this product requires certification level CL1 EN 15085.
Founded in 1992, Cooptech is today one of the leading mechanical engineering companies for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Hungary.

Multiple ISO certifications and a sophisticated internal quality management place high demands on the products. For this, Cooptech relies on the precision welding tables from Siegmund.
Since 1946 Turun Teräskaluste Oy (TUTEKA) has been designing and executing demanding manufacturing projects for maritime industry and on land constructions. For three generations the company has aimed at exceeding their customers’ expectations on every project.

Efficient and precise production of high-quality custom interiors for cruise liners requires a great deal of expertise and in-depth experience. The photos depict production of cruise ship design furnishings.

With Siegmund welding tables even very demanding objects can be constructed quickly and accurately. “The Siegmund welding tables are an integral part of our design and manufacturing process. They make working with even the most difficult shapes easier, faster and more accurate.” - Aleksi Kiviniemi, M.Sc. (Eng.), CEO Turun Teräskaluste Oy (TUTEKA)
Symmetrica Tech is established in the areas metalworking and industrial facilities. As a subsidiary company of the Romanian manufacturer of paving stones, Symmetrica, they are active in metal constructions and the production of automated production lines for prefabricated concrete buildings.

Due to the high precision and stability of the Siegmund welding tables constructions can also be clamped and welded precisely on a long-distanced setting. On the pictures you can see the production of a gearbox.
Formula Racing Miskolc is an initiative group of voluntary students from the University of Miskolc, Hungary. The team members, students from the fields mechanical engineering, computer science, economics and materials science, use their theoretical knowledge in practice for different projects in the automotive industry and various fields of motorsport.

With support of the University of Miskolc, their professors and PhD students, the volunteers construct racing cars, which also compete in regional and national student championships to demonstrate their skills. To ensure the quality and stability of the racing cars in the competition, the components are manufactured on a Siegmund welding table System 16.
The correctional facility in Offenburg produces mainly prison room doors for other institutions in Baden-Wuerttemberg and products for different companies, such as locksmiths. The correctional facility covers numerous production steps from small-series to large-scale production.

An important part of the correctional facility is the rehabilitation program. The inmates can acquire knowledge and skills for their future working life and at the same time receive emoluments for the work they have done.

In the pictures you see both supervisors of the metal technology department during the production of a steel and sheet metal construction. Through squares fastened on the table side panel the table can be extended and provides an ideal working basis for any work piece.
The HDB welding shop from Herschbach is active in the field of welding technology. The approx. 10 employees work in sales, customer service and as technical service technicians. In addition to a spacious screening room with a service station, HDB also maintains its own YouTube channel. In their channel they offer an assistance for welders with tutorials and explanation videos to the topics TIG, MAG, MIG, Ehand, plasma welding and cutting. They not only show the endless possibilities of welding technology, but also live their lifestyle, because welding is still a craftmanship.
Founded in 1996, the company T. T. Rozsdamentes, based in Hungary, produces equipment for industrial kitchens and hospitals as well as parts for the automotive industry, such as a logo for the sales shops of a well-known car brand.
Before T. T. Rozsdamentes worked with Professional Extreme welding tables, the production of the logos took much longer, since the metal often was bent due to the accruing heat during the welding process and required time-consuming rework. The Siegmund welding table prevents bending during the welding process and ensures a high quality and refined end product.
The family business Simeoni Metallbau has been manufacturing high-quality metal construction solutions and individual residential properties for property developers, builders and architects since 1998. The Siegmund welding and clamping table systems provides a solid, reliable and accurate working material for Simeoni's wide range of products.

In the pictures you can see the production of a frame for a balcony railing. All parts are clamped, tacked and then welded on a Professional Extreme welding table with clamps and squares. The clever system provided by Siegmund enables quick and flexible retooling of the jig and is a time-saving solution for individual custom-made products as well as for series production.
True to the slogan "Big enough for large projects and flexible enough for small projects", Sengers Metaal offers its customers high-quality products in the field of sheet metal processing, lightweight construction and engineering. Around 50 employees of this Dutch company are specialized in the precise implementation of customer requirements.

As illustrated on the pictures you can see the production of a heating cabinet for a hospital. All parts are assembled on Professional Extreme welding tables, fastened and later welded. The level surface of the table guarantees precise and efficient work.
The metalworking shop Moosbrugger GmbH, a family run company since 1995, manufactures a variety of assemblies for steel and crane construction as well as various locksmith work. Moosbrugger GmbH relies on the flexibility and high quality of Siegmund welding tables for these numerous projects.

In this practical example, you see the production of a raised garden bed. In this project, special emphasis is placed on the durability of the materials used and the accuracy of production. The Siegmund welding table provides the perfect working basis for these requirements. By using high squares, the individual parts can be mounted quickly and flexibly on the Professional Extreme welding table and welded with great accuracy.
The Romanian company Norwest manufactures customized sheet metal and pipe constructions made of different metals. In order to manufacture the various products efficiently and precisely, Norwest relies on the welding and clamping table systems from Siegmund.

In the pictures you get an insight into the production plant of Norwest. The product range extends from piping to metal constructions for production and storage halls up to staircase constructions.
Norton Motorcycles, based in the United Kingdom, draws on more 
than 100 years of experience in the field of motorcycle engineering 
and impresses the professional racing scene as well as ambitious 
hobby riders with its unique design. Every task, from research and development to the manufacturing, construction, testing and shipping 
of motorcycles is performed at the Norton Hastings House plant.

To ensure the high quality and stability of the motorcycle frame, 
Norton works with Professional Extreme welding tables manufactured by 
Siegmund. The pictures show how parts of the frame can be 
fixed on the welding table and welded precisely by using clamps 
and squares of different heights.
Kuhn-Geldrop BV has been part of the international KUHN Group since February 2009, which sells agricultural machinery and vehicles. The location in Geldrop is responsible for the development and production of baling presses and bale winding machines.

In our practical example you see the production of a part for a hay press. In order to get the largest possible work surface, two Siegmund welding tables were connected, facilitating smooth and precise clamping and welding of long components.
As the German market leader for agricultural tippers, Krampe has been building trailers for over thirty years in Coesfeld, Westphalia. Krampe is specialized in the development and construction of tailor-made transport solutions for agriculture and forestry, the construction industry, waste management companies as well as municipalities.

In the pictures you can see the manufacturing of an aluminum tailgate for a semitrailer roll-belt wagon with a shield for unloading. The components are tacked and welded on Professional Extreme 8.7 Welding Tables.
Since 1993 Kalfém manufactures individual solutions for shelf and cupboard systems in Hungary. Customers are, besides well-known gas stations, smaller companies and private individuals.

On the photos you can see the production of a tool cabinet frame. All production steps are carried out on a Siegmund welding table. Thanks to the short set-up times and high accuracy Kalfém is able to manufacture competively while offering the highest quality to their customers.
Since 2008, the one-man operation of Heinz Duwe is specialized in the production of small parts and small series of various steels and metals. In his workshop locksmith and welding master Duwe has been relying on the quality of Siegmund for many years. Due to the flexible welding and clamping table system the table can be adapted to different requirements with just a few steps and easily converted or extended anytime with squares.

You see the production of a shelf construction as well as a custom-built model of an additional luggage compartment for a pick-up.
The Habitat Augsburg e.V. enables experts as well laypeople to realize their projects by helping them with the idea, planning and the implementation. They support them by providing professional equipment and volunteer consulting engineers, who offer guidance and active support. In this way, the Habitat forms a space, where users can try out new things, learn together and from each other and enjoy creativity.

At the moment the Habitat has a fully equipped workshop including Siegmund Workstation. It is planned to expand the range of equipment, for example with a metalworking shop, a fabrication laboratory, coworking-spaces and more.
Getzner Textil, founded in 1818, is the leading manufacturer of high-quality African apparel damasks and is among the leading providers of fashion fabrics for shirts. Corporate fashion as well as technical fabrics round off the innovative product range. The innovative employes at Getzner Textil AG are one of the main reasons the company is able to maintain and expand its cutting edge in many business and product areas both from a strategic, as well as an operational perspective, even though things are constantly changing. In order to be able to adapt and expand areas in production quickly and independently, Getzner relies on the welding and clamping systems from Siegmund. You can see the production of a collision protection for a high-voltage cable as well as the production of a special table for dosing systems. After a welding process of approx. 9 to 10 hours, the special table is turned over and the containers (3x 1000 liter) for the textile production are attached.
The company Blasi has been manufacturing automatic door systems for highest demands for more than 40 years. In cooperation with international architects, metal construction companies and building contractors individual door systems are manufactured. At their location in Mahlberg, around 100 employees develop and manufacture automatic door systems for the whole world. Sales and service department are managed and executed by 20 offices worldwide.

In the pictures you get an insight into the workshop of Blasi. To produce as flexible and precise as possible the door systems are manufactured on Siegmund octagonal tables and U-squares. These Siegmund components are mounted on a construction, developed by Blasi themselves, to turn the product in every position needed and to produce with the highest precision.
Since 1993 Agrikon Kam Kft. manufactures driver‘s cabins for construction machinery, tractors and automotive utility vehicles. For welding the individual components of a cabin together, Agrikon Kam Kft. counts on the quality and reliability of Siegmund welding and clamping tables.

In this series of pictures you can see the assembly of templates for the production of crane cabins. The fine adjustable clamps and squares allow a precise clamping and welding of the templates without bending. In case of necessary altering of the template, a changeover of the setting would be possible within a short time, thanks to the flexibly applicable accessories.
„Here’s where the Champions shine!“

Following this slogan, the WorldSkills, the world championship of professions took place from the 02.07. - 07.07.2013 in Leipzig. Young specialists and trainees up to 22 years from all over the world, all winners of regional and national competitions, fought for the world championship title.

The WorldSkills competitions are held every 2 years. At the 42. World cup, which took place in Leipzig for the fi rst time, over 1.000 participants from round about 60 nations in 46 disciplines lined up. Every country was allowed only one adolescent per profession.

Bernd Siegmund GmbH provided 14 of their professional tables with suiting accessories for the discipline „Construction Metal Work“. „It should be the duty of every company to motivate young people in their career advancement“, Bernd Siegmund says. Due to the high quality of the welding tables’ surface, material and functionality, they are predestinated for demanding works, like at this championship.
Since 1993 West Coast Customs (known from various TV shows) creates customized cars in Southern California with a focus on complete upgrades inside and out.

Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs: “One of the biggest things we’re up against always is timelines, and to build things fast but to still make them perfect, you got to use the best tools. So when we go upstairs and we’re designing something in CAD and we bring it down here into the fab shop into the real life, we plug in all these pieces and all the measurement stay precise. So not only does this table help us to speed up the fabrication time, it also helps to keep our measurements dead-on. The cool thing about this table is whether you’re building a full car it can withhold its weight or if you’re doing composites on it we can fabricate on there as well. So honestly in the shop this is really the focal point of our fabrication shop because it stops right here at this table.”
Founded in 1994, Weldmatic Ltd. has specialized in the development of automated systems for welding technologies. Among other things, they manufacture customized products such as longitudinal seam welding machines for pipe and container construction.

In the photo gallery you can see an adjustable longitudinal seam welding machine, mounted on Siegmund U-Squares. In order for the machine to make precise welds, its rail system must be mounted exactly. The special construction of Siegmund U-Squares in this case provides an ideal base and has much lower acquisition costs compared to competing products. For the user, the special construction results in easy handling.
Their in-house test center conducts static and dynamic component testing.

Depending on material and stress situation the test duration is between 3 and 80 hours per test object.

Illustrations show quality control of telescopic steer tubes.
Illustrations show production of diesel-hydraulic locomotives.

Plasma-nitrided tables are low-maintenance, thereby facilitating speedy retrofitting. Siegmund functional clamping devices also enable quick processing of low volume production.
Siegmund tables are utilized in the custom design department for low volume and special series production, as well as for prototypes.

Illustrations show production of shopsystem elements "Basixx", e.g. stands and leg elements. Later on they are configured to build store fixtures.
TBi Industries GmbH is a German quality manufacturer of welding equipment specializing in the development and production of welding torches. A special focus is on the welding burner technology and cleaning equipment for robot welding. At the in-house application and technology center, Siegmund welding tables are used for test welding.

On the pictures you can see a test run with a welding robot. The table top was attached to a manipulator using an adapter plate and offers thanks to the precise surface even in an inclined position exact working surface for welding work.
The company “Stern Edelstahl GmbH”, based in Germany, draws on the experience of many generations and offers a competent service in the areas of pipeline construction, plant construction, water and sewage technology as well as sheet metal processing. In order to consistently offer their customers the highest quality and reliability, Stern Edelstahl manufactures its products on Siegmund welding tables and the new Siegmund Workstation.
A canopy and crash modules for a railcar are manufactured. They are made of aluminum, as well as other individual parts, and fabricated on Siegmund tables. Afterwards the components are assembled and welded together to create a railcar.
"Stacker" produces a full line of portable and stationary conveyors and also carries out projects of loading and unloading terminals and ports.

The most modern equipment enables a high production capacity and products of the highest quality.

The Stacker company is the only producer of world-class telescopic conveyors in Russia.
A locomotive runs through several workstations during the production process at the Munich plant.

In this workstation the shell of the base frame is clamped, and additional components are tacked and welded. The floor panel installation also takes place here, due to the specifically developed rotation mechanism.

The 18 meters long base frame has a total weight of approx. 10 tons.
Illustration shows a telescopic slider for truck manufacturing being checked for sag and compliance with tolerances.

Aided by the rail system and the U-squares the crane stops are readjusted. The stops serve lateron as fixtures for the telescopic slider.
The entire manufacturing up to the final inspection takes place on Siegmund products.

A telescopic slider is 8 m long, weighs approx. 2 tons and has a bearing load of approx. 1.5 tons.
If you have large components requiring seamless and flat clamping, platform systems assembled with sheets or tables are an obvious solution already realized by many customers.

The quantity of follow-up orders for these systems reveal how well these solutions work in the field. Your great benefit in the end is to produce large components accurately and quickly.
Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH has been an experienced developer and manufacturer of lighting and architectural concepts since 1994. It is especially important for Richter to deliver efficient, professional as well as cost-effective and easy-to-use products to their customers.

In this practical example, you can see the installation of a special luminaire and an acoustic panel. Electrically conductive graphite brushes (self-made) are fastened on the Siegmund welding table. They are especially made for the purpose of preventing an electrostatic charge during production. Additionally the brushes allow easy movement of the individual parts and prevent damage to the acrylic glass and profiles. The parallel hole pattern of the Siegmund welding table guarantees an uniform arrangement of the brushes.
Since the company’s founding in 1990 the enterprise grew constantly. The success is based on highly-motivated specialists and an absolute orientation on the customer. Today, “Metallbau Peinert” with its 50 employees offers the whole range of modern sheet and pipe treatment. Lasing, welding, drilling, blanking, edging, cutting and bending. Highly precise and complex components are produced and assembled with modern clamping-systems.

We are always looking for possibilities to raise the quality of our production. If you are even able to increase the efficiency, you gain an invaluable advantage in the high-income country Germany. 10 years ago, Peinert decided to equip the whole production with Siegmund tables. Crucial were the high class and precise treatment, the fast availability of single components, the huge amount of accessories and the seemingly neverending combination possibilities. Since then, the “Siegmund-fleet” grew annually. Whether it’s small series or fixture construction, you are able to save enormous amounts of time with Siegmund parts. “The accuracy grade of Siegmund tables enables us to work with the highest precision. And that’s what our customers are demanding,” says the production manager.
Overland technics specializes in the development of travel vehicles. The range of products includes among others the interior construction of the vehicles, which is completely customized according to customer requirements. Drawers, furniture, water tanks and much more are made, according to the order, on Siegmund welding tables. It is based on a modular system made of aluminum, to keep the interior as light and strong as possible. Since they have to manage delicate and large clamping tasks, Overland technics produces on Siegmund welding tables of the System 16.
Illustrated you see the tacking of a substructure frame for a housing used in the food industry.

The surface texture of the Siegmund Table demonstrates very clearly, how the adherence of welding spatters is prevented, even after years of service.
Working on six Siegmund tables, boatyards need up to 5,600 m of piping to build a single luxury yacht.

Precise installation of the pipe systems requires minimum production tolerance.
Fastening, cutting, sanding, welding, measuring - in the sophisticated balustrade construction industry it is hard to imagine working without modern clamping systems.

Balustrade builders are supported by Siegmund welding tables even during difficult rail design processes. Supported by appropriate bending devices there are almost no limitations to creativity. Siegmund clamping devices open up the third dimension precisely and efficiently.
Here you can see how an emergency stairway for the cafeteria of a middle school is built on top of several interconnected Siegmund tables.

The tub-shaped construction weighs approx. 4 tons, and it is welded together from 15 mm steel sheet parts. The stairway is 10 m long, 1.35 m wide and 1.60 m high.
A 80x20 m factory hall was completely constructed with Siegmund support- and foundation rails. Due to the extremely high workloads, the boreholes were reinforced with annealed bushings. Installation was carried out by Siegmund supported by state-of-the-art 3D laser technology.

By using a specific platform system consisting of single elements, manufacturing equipment can be connected with the rail system. Platform components as well as Siegmund tables, can be randomly positioned and clamped, creating maximum flexibility.

Illustrations are demonstrating how rollercoaster carts are assembled and adjusted on Siegmund tables, using templates provided by customer. Due to high manufacturing precision, maximum safety of fairground rides can be guaranteed.
Minimum production tolerances and maximum load capacity of Siegmund support- and foundation rails, combined with tables on connecting frames, enable the accurate to the millimeter construction of a 53 m long skywalk, weighing 70 tons.
Illustrations show production of a special container, serving as a collection tank for bore fluids. It is used in civil engineering to boreholes for foundation posts. The accumulated bore fluid is collected in it and cleaned. To stabilize the borehole, the bore fluid is pumped back afterward.

By using Siegmund tables no templates or devices have to be produced, reducing low volume production time by 20–25%.

The container weighs 6.4 tons and is 10 m wide, approx. 2.5 m deep and 2.5 m high.
From stairs, carports and patio enclosures, up to special constructions – the wide product range of MA Metal Construction in Dieburg, Germany, requires solid, reliable and precise work material.

We got the chance to see how a conveyor system for meat products was constructed on a Professional Extreme 8.7 welding table. Just the welding work took about 35 hours.
In Starachowice prototypes and "mock-ups" of busses are constructed and then shipped to Munich for stress tests. After successfully completing the testing phase, they can go into production.

To meet constantly changing demands, two different systems were installed. One system consists of a Siegmund support- and foundation rail above-floor, serving as a base for a setup of table tops and U-squares. The second system is a combination of a Siegmund round rail and a Siegmund support- and foundation rail, with four movable Siegmund tables on top.

Illustrations show production of a "mock-up" in the pre-installed device. It is equipped with a new generation of bus doors. They are manufactured on the second system.
As an expert metal construction company Kuenzle Metallbau AG is manufacturing various 
products around building for architects, building contractors and private individuals. Perfect planning and optimally equipped workspaces provide the basis for high flexibility and accuracy. With craftsmanship high 
quality products are being produced on Siegmund welding tables.

Our example shows the production of a balcony rail with profile for a 
glass wall. To work as efficiently and quickly as possible, stops and angles are fastened as a mounting frame on a Professional Extreme welding 
table matching to the size of the railing. Thus, the individual parts can be clamped and welded together by a few simple steps in a matter of seconds.
Illustration shows production of a stainless steel balcony rail for a single family home with a length of 11 m.

The basic equipment of the newly furnished workshop consists of Siegmund tables and tool-sets.
We are an independent steel construction-company. Specialised in light-weight metal-structures for different purposes and high fi nishes. We deliver products like staircases, noise-screens and bridge-railings to customers in building, construction and industry, already for 50 years! Our principle: “We don’t sell just steel but bring our customer solutions.” That’s why our customers can use our own design- and construction-department where we keep our large experiences in steel, stainless-steel and aluminium.

We are settled near Tilburg (one of the largest cities in the south of Holland, near Eindhoven and Antwerp). We employ there about 100 people and 20 part-timers. Since the foundation in 1957 our company grew steady and stable. From this time forward we specialised in the market of steel constructions in high-quality, light constructions in steel, but also in aluminium and stainless-steel.

Quality is from the beginning our battle-cry and has grown to a speciality. We like to think along with our clients in a very early stage. We like to bring solutions and and not only to deliver steel. These are important values in doing our businesses.
Since 1995, Jordi Schlosserei-Metallbau AG has been creating, planning and designing various elements needed for home construction. To accomplish this, metal is combined and processed with other materials. The Siegmund welding table offers an excellent basis for these various fields of activity.
In our practical example you will see the production of a balcony for an apartment house. In order to be able to work as fast and effective as possible, the individual components of the railing are fastened on the welding table with stops and clamps and welded together.
Since 1926, the employees of the Swiss company J&E MAIER AG have been producing high-quality machines and systems for grain processing and process engineering for bulk materials of all kinds. Special attention is paid to solutions that can be individually adapted or manufactured for each customer.

In the pictures you can see the production of a frame on a Siegmund welding table. To significantly reduce production times, an assembly frame can be created using stops and squares and fixed on the Professional Extreme welding table. With a few simple steps, the individual parts of the frame can be flexibly clamped and processed.
You can see the production of a wood gasifier boiler for logs and wood briquets. The boiler is built on a Siegmund table with shortened table legs, since most of the welding work during the production process takes place in the upper part of the workpiece.

To be able to work effectively and quickly, cast iron squares matched to the size of the boiler, are clamped on the table. Assisted by magnetic clamping bolts the exterior sheeting of the boiler is clamped within seconds, and can be tacked together after just a few hand grips.

The dimensions of a boiler are 1,400 x 600 x 1,400 mm, weighing 515 kg.
Facilitated by Siegmund tables, individual customer requirements to build complex machines, are fulfilled.

The sophisticated Siegmund system facilitates quick and flexible retrofitting of clamping devices, presenting a time-saving solution for low volume production or custom design.
Illustrations are showing the production of custom-made glass fronts for fireplaces. The precise surface texture of Siegmund tables combined with their flexible accessories, increase the productivity of piece production by 20–30%.
The company Growi Maschinenbau is a well-known company in the field of development of wood splitters, agitators and hydraulic cylinders. Since the production of the heavy wood splitter requires very high accuracy, the individual parts are welded on S4 tables. The large number of S4 clamping devices makes it possible to fasten the workpieces very precisely and at the desired angle in order to achieve optimum welding results.
The medium-sized company GLB deals with the production of spare parts, equipment and special machines in individual and series production. In order to cope with different requirements, the company counts on the reliability of the Siegmund welding tables and the versatile table accessories.

The practical example shows the production of a chain conveyor for a gas cylinder guide system. The individual parts of the approximately 70 m long facility, have been produced on Siegmund welding tables and then assembled at the customer‘s place. The fixation of the individual pieces with the Siegmund screw clamps prevents any distortion and ensures a precise welding result.
What we value most is the self-explanatory modularity of the tables. Thus, you can build a fixture very quickly and reproduce again and again without having to store them. You can easily remove an item and tighten it more easily if necessary. The grid and the graduation allow orientation for reliable measurements.
An agitator head for a wood chip warehouse is built on a Siegmund table.

The production time per piece is approx. 1,5 hours. The finished workpiece has a diameter of 6 meters.
The machine building company from Augsburg produces welding machines which are conform to the high quality requests of the aeronautics industry as well as the food industry. Revolutionary for the industrial sector is the precision with which also thin-walled materials like titanium sheets can be welded. Furthermore the usage of the inert gas technology prevents inadmissible tempering colours referred to DVS 2713.

In order to raise the manufacturing effi ciency even more, the welding machines from Castro are equipped with system tables by Siegmund. The six axis of the robot grab at every point and form together with an axis of rotation a complete working platform for special production and series production of high quality components.

The versatile range of articles of Siegmund enables a perfect confi guration of individual welding cells as well as the equipment of automatic supply and removal of components. “Accuracy grade and variety of accessories were essential for our decision to take modules of the Swabian producer of clamping tables. So the costs at fi xture constructions can be reduced drastic”, said CEO Dipl-Ing. Udo Massari. Castro and Siegmund – a standard setting partnership.
365 days a year and 24 hours a day the professional fire department
Innsbruck with 22 men and a readiness officer are at work. In order to have everything handy in emergency situations, the fire department is equipping its fleet with individual compartments and fasteners and also makes repairs or carries out maintenance work.

The Professional Extreme welding table with diagonal grid provides a
flexible work surface on which a variety of operations and repairs can
be implemented quickly and with high accuracy.
For more than 25 years Bax Metaal in the Netherlands have demonstrated their know-how, quality and reliability in the manufacture of their custom made sheet metal fabrications and pipe construction in materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Each project is developed in partnership with the customer using Siegmund 3D models for an accurate design of the tooling and a reduction in the fabrication time for the welded assembly. Following precise planning and close liaison with the customer Bax Metaal will be confident that the Siegmund system provides the maximum efficiency and precision. Projects will be implemented with high accuracy and the short change-over times offer an effective and economical solution for every project.
Siegmund tables facilitate the pre-fabrication of isometric lines. Due to the high precision of the tables, intermediate and final measurements can be constantly performed. This does not only result in a savings potential of direct work e.g. assembly, it also reduces rework.
The AutoGyro GmbH is the global leader in fields of development, production and distribution of gyroplanes. The Gyros might look similar to helicopters at fi rst sight, but their operating mode is way different. The engine of the gyros only moves the propeller and thus solely serves as the progressive feed of the aircraft. The rotor uses the air stream to set itself into rotation, and it is this auto rotation that generates the buoyancy of the gyroplane. In the event of an engine failure the gyro would lose altitude slowly and still be able to perform a controlled landing. One uniquely manufactured gyrocopter is completed per day. A global wide export business is maintained with partners in almost 40 countries. By that, AutoGyro can offer a world-wide, incomparable service-network consisting of flight schools and maintenance partners.

Flight safety starts in the production.

To keep up with the high demand of gyrocopters, which are safe to fly even through strong winds and weather conditions, AutoGyro optimized their production. The core-pieces of the supporting frame-assembly are the system 16 Siegmund welding tables. Thanks to the accurate devices, the company is able to produce small series faster and more effective. The high measurement accuracy of Siegmund-welding tables suits the high requirements of the aircraft-production and is the base of a safe and reliable operation of all the Gyros worldwide.


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