Siegmund Laser welding cell

Siegmund Laser welding cell –

Safe and efficient manual laser welding


Manual laser welding has quickly become an important part of welding technology. In order to meet the increased safety requirements of manual laser welding, Siegmund has developed a suitable cell for its welding tables.

The laser welding cell provides the mandatory protection from scattered radiation and reflections for surrounding people and objects. The laser welding cell also reduces interferences caused by external factors like airflows or dirt particles.

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Your advantages
individually configurable
Protection from scattered radiation and reflections
expandable anytime
Reduction of external interference factors
optionally with roof
Improvement of the welding quality

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    Siegmund Laser welding cell 3600x3600x2250 mm

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    Roof for laser welding cell 3600x3600

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    Extension wall element laser welding cell 1200

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    Special Promotion Siegmund Laser welding cell incl. Welding Table Professional 750 1200x1200x100 mm System 16

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Modular system for maximum flexibility

The modular system of the laser welding cell allows an individual configuration of the cell in the standard grid. Of course, special solutions can also be implemented at an additional cost.
If necessary, the laser welding cell can also be equipped with a roof made of aluminum composite panels.
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Side walls
  • opaque
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • position of doors configured to suit
  • with welding screen
Siegmund welding tables
  • The basis of the system is the Siegmund welding table
  • compatible with all systems
  • various cells and table sizes available
LED progress indicator
  • signal indicator in green / red
  • on the right and left corner profile
  • to be integrated by the customer
  • Cell from a Siegmund modular system of aluminum profiles
  • with extra edging for side walls
Roof made of aluminum composite panels
  • connection available for fume extraction system (Ø 200 mm)
  • upgrading possible at any time
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