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Professional 750

Professional 750 welding tables are manufactured of S355J2+N steel and additionally plasma-nitrided and coated. Based on the increased load capacity of the welding table it is especially suited for working with heavy components.

By equipping the welding tables with a diagonal grid the clamping options are nearly doubled.
1. Material thickness

approx. 17 – 19 mm

2. Material

premium steel S355J2+N,
plasma nitrided and BAR-coated*

Vickers hardness grade:

Surface hardness: approx. 450 – 750
Basic hardness: approx. 165 – 220

* Due to of the lack of material hardness of Professional 750 significantly higher product wear.

3. Data

  • Diagonal grid
  • Borehole spacing 100 mm
  • Grid element spacing 100 mm
  4. Table side panel

  • 150 mm high
  • Boreholes on table sides in 50 mm grid

5. Elaborate Radiuses

  • 3 mm radius of top table edge reduces damages to Siegmund accessories and customers components
  • 6 mm radius on edges reduces risk of injury

6. System borehole

Ø 22 mm

Radius R2,5 for boreholes on the table surface:
  • reduce damages to table, Siegmund accessories and customer components
  • for simple insertion of bolts and accessories
  • less damages on bore edges while moving heavy components  
  7. Ribbing

  • spaced apart approx. 500 – 600 mm
  • raised ribbing

8. Table Legs

  • Square pipe 80x80 mm
  • Base plate Ø 90 mm (made of twisted bulk material)
  • Leg 50 mm vernier adjustment
  • (Data only for Leg standard equipment)

9. Bearing load

Bearing load per leg 1,000 kg
Maximum recommended static load:
with 4 legs = 2,000 kg
with 6 legs = 3,000 kg
with 8 legs = 4,000 kg
based on even load distribution.
(Data only for leg standard equipment)

Computationally resulting in substantially higher overall loads. However, the indicated bearing loads were calculated with reserves for safety reasons.

Please consult with manufacturer if higher overall loads are required.