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The revolution: Siegmund Workbench

A workbench is an essential tool in every workshop. It offers a stable work surface usable for various tasks such as metal and woodworking, repairs or assemblies.

We are revolutionizing the workbench market by combining the qualities of a common workbench with the strengths of our Siegmund welding tables and the extensive modular system. This results in an innovative workbench for everyone – the Siegmund workbench.

The robust base frame made from aluminium profiles in the extraordinary Siegmund design is the basis of our workbench. Equipped with a proven Siegmund perforated plate, you can easily attach various accessories such as stops, fixtures or bench vices to the workbench to safely fasten your workpiece. With the height adjustable legs, we provide a comfortable ergonomic working posture for our workbench.

  • light and robust base frame
  • precise work surface
  • flexibility through borehole grid
  • height adjustable legs
  • exclusive Siegmund design
  • compatible with Siegmund accessories


Siegmund M-Positioners

The Siegmund M-Positioner is ideal for welding, assembly and maintenance work. Positioning happens via a manually driven hand wheel.

Available in two different sizes with load capacities of 1,100 lbs and 3,300 lbs.

  • Drive manually via hand wheel
  • Force transmission through a bearing with integrated gear
  • Universal flange for clamping of Siegmund U-Squares
  • Clamping of components on Siegmund U-Squares
  • Stability provided by large flat foot plate with optional floor anchoring
  • Without U-Square


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