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Robotics will witness the next revolution in welding technology. Traditional manually welded assemblies will in future be automated. As a world leader in the manufacture of welding tables, Siegmund now offer a new welding cell combining a new innovative design in clamping technology.

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Your advantages
configured and expanded for each specific application
compatible with all types of robots and cobots
compact design
high security standard
quick start-up
exclusive Siegmund cell design
simplified introduction into automation and series production
low initial costs and high efficiency
pre-configured cells available

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    Welding Cell 2400 incl. console (without welding table)

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    Welding Cell 2400 incl. special table

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    Welding Cell 2400 incl. special table and accessories

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    Console incl. individual adjustment of the drilling pattern

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A modular system customized to your needs

Configure a welding cell to match your Siegmund welding table. All doors and walls can be positioned as desired.
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  • front hinged access doors
  • manual opening for access
  • crane access for loading
  • connection available for fume extraction system
  • welding screen according to ISO 25980
  • position of doors configured to suit
  • Cell from a Siegmund modular system of aluminum profiles
  • with extra edging for side walls
Side wall / Back panel*
  • protection against weld spatter
  • opaque aluminum composite panel
  • alternatively doors or welding screens according to ISO 25980
Corner profile*
  • fixed side walls and doors
  • high stability
  • standard height inside the cell approx. 1300 mm
  • Adjustment of the cell height possible on request
LED progress indicator
  • signal indicator in green / red
  • on the right and left corner profile
  • to be coordinated with the robot and welding power source by the customer
Partition wall*
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • separation of cell for two operators
  • Partition wall must be adapted to the robot by the customer
  • For CE-compliant operation with two work areas, additional, externally available safety components (such as light barriers) are required.
  • individual height adjustment
  • elevated position of the cobot / robot
  • Aluminum profiles electrically insulated with hard boarding
  • individual adjustment to the drilling pattern of the cobot / robot
Sub Table Box for Welding Cell
  • practical storage space
  • safe keeping of the pneumatic device for the zero point clamping system
Interior lighting
  • optional
* Configurable: The marked components of the Siegmund welding cell can be individually adjusted. Please contact us personally. (Special equipment: Delivery time approx. 6 weeks)
Benefit from the advantages of the perfect interaction:
Benefit from a combination of Siegmund expertise in, a welding cell with zero point clamping, perforated plates and a new clamping system
Small and large series fixtures effortlessly created with the Siegmund clamping system
Repeat and reused fixtures can remain on the perforated plate
Change the prepared perforated plate quickly and with a precise fit using the zero point clamping system
Start the welding process of the robot
User protection from weld spatter and radiation
image spannnsystem
Clamping system
For the simple creation of series fixtures with templates.
image nullpunktspannsystem
Zero point clamping system
Simplified resetting for new fixtures and perforated plates
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Perforated Plates
We recommend Siegmund perforated plates, welding tables or slot tables as a basis
Special perforated plates for the Siegmund Welding Cell
Some of the perforated plates have recesses for the console of the robot and are therefore optimized for the use in the Siegmund welding cell. In combination with the zero point clamping system and the new clamping system, set-up times in automation and series production are reduced.

Perforated plate X8.7 950x800x12 Diagonal grid Plasma nitrided

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Perforated plate X8.7 1150x1000x12 Diagonal grid Plasma nitrided

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Perforated plate X8.7 1450x1150x12 Diagonal grid Plasma nitrided

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Special table for Siegmund Welding Cell – Optimized for automation
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special borehole grid for fastening the individual components (Welding cell, partition wall, console, zero point clamping system, ST Box, …)
Available sizes: 2000 x 1000 mm, 2400 x 1200 mm, 3000 x 1500 mm
Ventilation opening for anti-swirl extraction
Borehole Ø 16 mm
optimal downward coverage
Material thickness approx. 11,5 – 13 mm
Cable trunking below table
premium steel S355J2+N + Plasma nitration
Compatibility with standard Siegmund welding tables
The welding cell is also available with standard Siegmund welding tables (2000x1000 mm, 2400x1200 mm, 3000x1500 mm) for a surcharge. With standard Siegmund welding tables we recommend to close parts of the bore holes with cover caps (Item No. 160238.10 and 280238.10) to avoid unwanted air circulations during welding. For more information, please contact our sales department at any time.
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