Materials in comparison

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Materials in comparison

Steel S355J2+N

Stainless Steel X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)

Steel Plasma nitrided

Professional Extreme 8.7 Tool Steel Plasma nitrided

Professional Extreme 8.8 Tool Steel Plasma nitrided

Raw material:
Material number 1.0570
Steel grade DIN ST52-3 N
Steel grade S355J2+N
EN norm 10025

Range of application:
Suitable for all heavy superstructures in the metal processing industry.
In the industry frequently tables made of stainless steel type DIN 1.4301 are used.

The top surface as well as the side surfaces are manufactured of stainless steel. The ribbing and the base plates are made of standard steel. If requested, we also offer these parts in stainless steel.

For cost efficiency, the material thickness of the stainless steel light version was reduced from 25 mm to 15 mm. The difference in thickness can be compensated with a 10 mm
adjusting ring.
Properties of S355J2+N steel plus plasma nitration: Properties of through-hardened tool steel plus plasma nitration: Properties of through-hardened tool steel plus plasma nitration:
Siegmund is the only manufacturer, offering as a standard feature a welding table, made of extremely resilient through-hardened tool steel.

This premium steel is frequently used in applications with extremely high workloads. An outstanding feature is its extraordinary levelness and even surface finish, as well as its high resistance against stroke impact.

Through-hardened tool steel is much harder and resilient than standard steel.
Plasma nitration by Siegmund represents a currently unrivaled surface hardening and tempering treatment. You should not accept anything less. The thermo-chemical procedure of plasma nitration results in more wear-free, corrosion-resistant and durable surfaces.

Plasma nitration is one of the most environmentally friendly hardening procedures, as it only requires nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen for the hardening process. These gases represent the main constituents of air. An investment that pays for itself!

By at least doubling the life span, plasma nitration is always profitable! The clamping force of the bolt is substantially increased. At the same time the loadability of the table is increased by approx. 20-30%.