For 45 years now the French company CHAUVET is specialized in locksmith work as well as metal and steel structures. Every day more than 40 employees put customer requests into practice.

In order to manufacture superstructures in all dimensions, the company decided on a rail system from Siegmund. The support and foundation rails were installed above ground. Among other things, large-area welding assemblies, doors or glass canopies are produced in single and series production. Thanks to the rail system, the individual production steps can be implemented quickly and precisely.
1938 the family business Van de Klundert was founded. They manufacture products for the offshore industry, machine building, the environment and the food industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In an interview engineer Leon Hollemans tells us about the advantages of Siegmund welding tables: „We are able to operate more effective, faster and we deliver high quality products to our customers. With the amount of Siegmund accessories even complex tasks are done fast and precisely. The welding tables offer us so much flexibility. Thanks to the hardened and coated surface, the table has a durability of more than 20 years!”
At Pascualin in Spain, everything revolves around stage construction and that for more than 40 years now. 6 employees plan, implement and install from classic stages to impressive stage designs, all individually according to customer requirements.

During production, Pascualin attaches particular importance to efficiency and precision, which is why almost all production steps are carried out on Siegmund welding tables. To easily manufacture the large and complex components, several tables are connected with each other and various large squares are attached to the table as extensions.
Our customer enPieza from Madrid produces limited series as well as unique pieces. With skilled craftsmanship and an eye for detail, unique furniture, lighting and decorative elements are created.

In our practical example, we show insights into the in-house workshop.
You can see the production of shelves with wooden modules.

Thanks to the Siegmund modular system, the work surface can be quickly adapted to the needed requirements with different stops and squares during production.
The Geesinknorba group stands up for innovative and sustainable disposal solutions in the waste industry. This includes the production of waste collection vehicles, rear loaders and waste compression systems.

The pictures give insights into the production plant in Emmeloord. The modular use of the Siegmund U-squares in combination with the table legs creates a working place that enables the processing of the work piece from all sides.
After several years of work experience in various companies, Juan Pablo Casemajor decided to start his personal adventure as a freelancing welder. His core competence lies in special orders and customized projects.

On the pictures you can the assembly of custom-made furniture and shelves. In combination with Siegmund accessories and large squares, the work surface can be easily adapted to all requirements.

Before switching to Siegmund welding tables, Juan Pablo spent a lot of time checking parallelism and right angles. Now, he does not only save time, but also improves the quality of the production.
Werkhuizen Jacobs is mainly concerned with building special constructions for trucks. Meeting their customer’s specific expectations, the basic frame of the truck is adapted and strengthened.

The combination of several Siegmund welding tables creates an elongated assembly line on which a specially designed hydraulic press operates. To produce loading platforms, an exceptional U-square construction was developed. The combination with a manipulator enables 360° handling.

Joris Gillet, engineer and project manager tells us in the interview: „For our daily tasks, we need a lot of flexibility. Siegmund offers us high build quality with many clamping options.”
Founded in 1956, the family business runs in third generation. Blonkstaal is specialized in steel constructions, steel chairs, fences, flame-retardant doors and windows as well as joint constructions. Meeting their customer’s wishes, specialized constructions are also part of the daily business.

To fulfill all these requirements, every working place is equipped with a Siegmund welding table. Company leader Martijn Blonk: „Thanks to Siegmund welding tables we are able to work at right angles and perfectly even. The employees are able to produce frames and squares very quickly. As a result, we have saved a lot of time, but the most important thing for our company is: We improve our quality!”
For over 40 years now, A.P. Machinebouw builds products for the agricultural sector with main focus on irrigation systems, machines for earth-moving as well as seeding machines.

About 15 years ago the first work places have been equipped with Siegmund welding tables, which are still used up to this day. Now almost every work place at A.P. Machinebouw works with products from Siegmund. For example, their robot cells are using Siegmund U-squares as mounting base.

Michael Visser, owner of A.P.Machinebouw reveals: „Without Siegmund’s engineering skills we would have never gotten that far. With these products we are able to weld much faster and more precisely.”
IPROEB S.A., founded in Romania in 1977, specializes in the manufacture of electrical engineering products. The product range includes all sorts of cables, composite insulators and electrically insulating materials as well as different metal constructions.

The application shows the production of a metal frame, used for cable laying and cable installation in the automotive industry. The individual parts are clamped and welded on a welding table system 28.
The Kunst Block Balve, opened 2019 by Frank Balve, is a meeting place for people with an interest in contemporary art and culture. Art exhibitions, music events and performances take place in a former storage room. The workshop of Kunst Block Balve also provides space for artist seminars.

A welding table system 28 by Siegmund can be found in this workshop as well. Artists get the chance to let their creativity run free using the table. Thanks to the flexible application possibilities of the Siegmund modular system, the welding table meets the various requirements. The pictures show the production of security grids, that are used for internal events.
The brothers Paul and Hansen Hoepner are looking for challenges on their adventurous journeys around the world. With their experiences they want to inspire and motivate other people.

For their newest project “Two in ice” they are building a self-developed multi-functional vehicle, to travel 4.000 kilometers through Alaska, powered only by pedals. To ensure that the vehicle withstands even under difficult weather conditions and provides protection, the individual assemblies are precisely clamped and welded on a Siegmund Workstation.
De Castelli from Italy has many years of experience in the field of metal construction. High craftsmanship and advanced technologies create unique designs in architectural projects as well as in interior and exterior furnishing.

The photos show the production of a custom-made product for the garden and landscape area on a System 28 welding table.
„Living for agricultural technology” – Founded in 1871, the family-owned company Pöttinger specializes in agricultural machines for grassland, seed and soil. Headquartered in Austria, the company operates from 20 locations worldwide.

The pictures give an insight into the prototyping department of Pöttinger, where – among other things – base frames for trailers and agricultural machines are produced and tested. With only a few steps the base frame of the construction can be quickly and precisely clamped onto a Siegmund welding table system 28, to be welded with high accuracy.
Locksmith's shop Wenger has a history of 130 years of solid metalwork. At the beginning the third- generation family business was mostly specialized in the production of wire mesh fences. Today Wenger offers a wide range of services like locksmith and gantry construction, stainless steel and metal processing as well as traditional forging work.

The pictures show the production of a railing. The Siegmund welding table system 22 in combination with high squares provides stability and precision while welding even for vertically clamped workpieces.
Lasertechnik Laimer is known for reliability and precision in the sheet metal business. Laser cutting, welding, bending and surface coating are part of the huge service range of the company.

The pictures show the production of a steel frame on a Professional 750 welding table system 22. Squares and stops serve as templates and ensure a precise reproducibility of the steel frame.

The Siegmund Sub Table Box under the welding table provides an organized workspace. After finishing work, all tools can be stored in the drawers.
For more than 25 years, Scott Welding & Fabrication has been working in the industry of aquaculture, marine, fishing vessels and construction.
In addition to spare parts or extensions for shipping and fishery equipment, the company, based in Shetland, produces special bespoke machinery for fish farms. Welding and repairs as well as constructions for building projects are part of the repertoire of Scott Welding & Fabrication.

The example gives a broad insight into the Shetland workshop. You can see the production of a stainless steel ladder that is used on a pier, the foundation for deck equipment and a vessel frame for storing fish boxes as well as a pleasure boat console.
Rosenbauer is the world's leading manufacturer of fire-fighting technology production for fire defense and disaster control. The company develops and produces vehicles, extinguishing technics, equipment, telematics solutions as well as preventive fire protection systems. Their customers are professional, volunteer and also factory and plant fire departments. The company has been working with fire departments for more than 150 years now.

At their sites, products for the global market are manufactured and delivered. We were invited to watch the production of a vehicle frame on a Siegmund rail system at their headquarters in Leonding. The pictures also show the custom production of a carrier frame on a Siegmund welding table system 28.




匈牙利的 Váradi金屬加工集團,員工約110人,在3個基地生產高品質的金屬產品。可提供從邊緣彎曲,衝壓,焊接到油漆和粉末噴塗等工序。





來自匈牙利的Ferr-váz 為金屬加工製造提供完整的解決方案和客戶定制的鈑金結構產品。
客戶訂單的多樣性,要求工廠能快速適配和易於擴展的工作面。結合力格曼的焊接台和大型止擋,可以對大型部件進行精准的夾緊定位和焊接。在圖片上,您可以看到一個為鐵路機車製造的電源容器。該產品的製造需符合CL1 EN 15085認證等級要求。

自1946年以來,Turun Teräskaluste Oy(TUTEKA)公司一直為海事工程和土地設計和建造高品質要求的項目。公司三代人始終致力於在每一個專案上都超越客戶的期望。


使用力格曼焊接台,即使是非常苛刻的工件也可以快速準確地構建。“力格曼焊接工作臺是我們設計和製造過程中不可或缺的一部分。它們使處理複雜工件變得更容易、更快、更準確。“ —— 公司執行總裁 Aleksi Kiviniemi, M. Sc.
Symmetrica Tech公司的业务范畴是在金属加工和工业设施领域。作为罗马尼亚路基制造商Symmetrica公司的子公司,他们积极从事金属建筑和预制混凝土建筑自动化生产线的制造。


在米斯科爾克大學(University of Miskolc)和學校教授、博士生的支持下,志願者們自己動手建造賽車。賽車還會參加地區和全國學生錦標賽,以展示他們的技能。為了保證賽車在比賽中的高品質和穩定性,賽車的零部件均採用Siegmund 16系統的焊接工作臺和夾具來製造。

公司約有10名員工,包括銷售部門、客戶支援部門和服務技術人員,確保為客戶提供最佳的服務。倉庫、辦公室、展廳以及服務站確保提供最好的服務。HDB Schweissshop是一家專業從事焊接技術的企業。通過他們的YouTube頻道,他們為焊工提供幫助,無論是關於TIG、MAG、MIG、Ehand、等離子焊接和切割的教程或操作說明視頻,向我們展示了各種焊接技術的可能性。 焊接是一門技藝!
The Habitat Augsburg e.V. 公司通過幫助專家和非專業人員構思、規劃和實施,協助他們實現自己的項目。該公司通過提供專業設備和志願諮詢工程師來支援他們,這些工程師提供指導和積極支持。通過這種方式,形成了一種工作分為:用戶可以在這裡嘗試新事物,一起學習,互相學習,享受創造力。

Blasi 公司生產自動門系統已經有40多年的歷史了。該公司與國際建築師、金屬建築公司和建築承包商合作,製造個性化的門系統。在位於Mahlberg 的工廠,大約有100名員工為全球客戶開發和製造自動門系統。銷售和服務職能由全球20個辦事處管理和運行。

在這些照片中,您可以深入瞭解Blasi公司的工作車間。為了盡可能靈活和精確得生產各種門系統,他們使用了Siegmund 的八邊形工作臺和U型塊。這些Siegmund 元件安裝在Blasi自己開發的工裝上,可將產品轉動到任何需要的位置,並以最高的精度生產。
總部位於德國的Stern Edelstahl公司借鑒了幾代人的經驗,在管路結構件、廠房結構、自來水和汙水處理技術以及鈑金加工等領域為客戶提供了高品質的服務。為了始終如一的為客戶提供給高品質和高可靠性產品,Stern Edelstahl公司採用力格曼公司的焊接工作臺、定位夾緊附件和工作站作為生產平臺。
位於英國的Norton Motorcycles公司,憑藉在摩托車工程領域擁有的100多年豐富經驗和獨特設計無論是在職業賽車界,還是業餘賽車手圈子裡都留下了深刻的印象。每一項工作:從研發到裝配、製造、測試以及發運均在Norton Hastings House工廠完成。

Siegmund公司生產的Professional Extreme 級焊接工作臺作為工作面。這些圖片展示的是如何將車架部件,用夾鉗和不同高度的止擋固定在焊接工作臺後,進行精密焊接。

自2009年2月以來,Kuhn-Geldrop BV一直是國際Kuhn集團的一部分,該集團銷售農業機械和車輛。Kuhn-Geldrop負責打包機機和捆包機的開發和生產。

自1926年開始,瑞士公司J&E Maier AG一直在為穀物加工和各種散裝材料工藝加工製造高品質的設備和系統。他們特別關注可針對每個客戶不同需求,進行單獨改造和製造的解決方案。

在圖中,你可以看到力格曼焊接工作臺上的框架結構。為了大大減少生產時間,可以使用止擋和U型塊搭建一個裝配框架,並將其固定在Professional Extreme級焊接工作臺上。通過幾個簡單的步驟,結構框架的各個部分可以靈活地夾緊並進行生產加工。
自1993年以來, Agrikon Kam Kft.公司專注於工程機械、拖拉機和汽車通用駕駛室的生產和製造,為了把機艙的各個部件精准地焊接在一起,該公司依靠Siegmund高品質的焊接工作臺和夾緊系統可靠性來完成製造過程。



從客戶專案發現400 行業應用


  • 樣板
  • 飛機製造
  • 高壓制造
  • 金屬加工
  • 鋼鐵制造
  • 工程建設
  • 加熱技術
  • 摩托車工程
  • 壁爐架
  • 機器工具和機械制造
  • 鈑金制造
  • 散裝材料技術
  • 鋼鐵制造/工程
  • 不鏽鋼加工
  • 櫥櫃系統
  • 多功能運載車樣品打造
  • 橋梁建造
  • 過山車
  • 客戶定制
  • 造船廠
  • 鈑金制造
  • 汽車行業/ 樣車試製
  • 照明技術
  • 自動化, 起重,搬運工程
  • 火車建造
  • 起重搬運工程
  • 火車制造
  • 金屬結構和鈑金加工
  • 機器人技術
  • 内部
  • 摩託科技
  • 旋轉門系統
  • 木工
  • 焊接工藝
  • 衛生工程
  • 農業
  • 車輛工程
  • 織物生產
  • Agricultural machines
  • Electrical engineering
  • Waste management
  • Stage technology
Chauvet, Vouillé (FR)
Van de Klundert, Zevenbergschen Hoek (NL)
Stage technology
Pascualin, Gurb (ES)
EnPieza, Madrid (ES)
Waste management
Geesinknorba, Emmeloord (NL)
Casemajor, Barcelona (ES)
Werkhuizen Jacobs, Lummen (BE)
Blonkstaal, Schoonhoven (NL)
A.P. Machinebouw B.V., Rutten (NL)
Electrical engineering
IPROEB S.A., Bistrita (RO)
Kunst Block Balve, Munich (DE)
Hoepner, Berlin (DE)
De Castelli,
Crocetta del Montello (IT)
Agricultural machines
Pöttinger Landmaschinen, Grieskirchen (AT)
Schlosserei Wenger, Salzburg (AT)