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Siegmund Table press

Straighten deformed steel products or remove unwanted unevenness or tension in the material effortlessly with Siegmund's new table press.
Product Information:


High pressing force

Pressing force 2.5 tons with an operating force of approx. 330 N.

Working in vertical position

With the help of the integrated bolt, the table press can be attached to the square and additionally fixed with a stop from above.

Bending pipes

With a Pipe Bending Plug, pipes up to Ø 42 mm can be bent or straightened. Proper handling and several bending processes will lead to a clean result without any marks.

For the perfect pre-stressed welded parts.

The table press is used for straightening deformed steel products. With a compressive force of 2,5 tons, parts that have unwanted unevenness or tension in the material, can be straightened. With the additionally available pipe bending stamp, pipes with a diameter of up to 42 mm can be bent flexibly.

The total stroke is 60 mm, which can be achieved with 13 pump strokes with an operating force of approx. 330 N (stroke per pump stroke 4,6 mm). An overflow valve prevents additional pressure build-up when the piston rod is fully extended.

For a secure attachment on the table, the table press can be fixed through the turret head by using Fast Clamping Bolts or by the attached bolt.

The table press must always be fixed in two places.

Working in corners

Corners can be pressed with an aluminum tip without damaging the inner weldseam.

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